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To use, simply place the cursor in the first field below, and then use your :CueCat to scan a barcode. Then, click the "translate" button, and the numeric value of the bar code will be displayed in the field labelled "Full code translation". Note that this is currently the *whole* barcode, including all the extra junk that the :CueCat seems to be prepending to the barcode. The actual value of the barcode will be shown in the box labelled "Bar code value". The check digit of the barcode will be computed (using the algorithm for 12-digit UPC codes), and the "valid code" box will indicate whether or not the code is a valid 12-digit UPC.

When you click the submit button the value of the ISBN field will be sent for use in LinkBaton.

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There are two types of isbn barcodes, the 10-digit ISBN and the 13-digit UPC with prefix 978 (a new prefix is planned). To get the isbn from the upc, remove the 978 and the last digit (a check digit) then recompute the isbn check digit using our java class. An explanation of the ISBN and UPC check digit algorithms is at If you're interested in cataloging a book collection check out Zarf's bookscanning project
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